Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arch Enemy Live in Malaysia 2011 as been told by Angela Gossow~ (SO TRUE??)

me (paling kanan dan paling huduh
kangkang) with biggie, ajak and ardy..
 after the concerts!!
HAHAHAHA! i was updating my facebook account today, January 18, 2011 afterwork.. there's few comments from my colleagues about a picture which is snapped on Hatebreed's Asia Tour that happen last year 2010..
we did a 'rock kang-kang pose' which being captioned as crabcore (wtf i forgot the other words..haha)

Ok! Ok! i'm sorry that i've been so sarcastical about the picture which i know u guys will raise up your shoulder and keep questioning. 'what so funny bout dat huh?'

alamak, gua dah lari landasan ni.. sorry la guys, i just take for granted for a news that i've been watched just now at youtube posted by aman awaludin on his facebook's wall.. he wrotes 'listen to 1:45 onwards'
so i did dat!! i'm so curious because the vids title was 'Arch Enemy Live in Malaysia'..

Arch Enemy will perform here in Malaysia 2011!! SURE OR NOT!!?? grr..

so i watched the video and it was really shock that the vox chix (Angela Gossow) were talking to camera and give her speech (she's got a sexy voice tho!) about metal connection between Malaysia and Sweden (which the origin of the band).. and she say she loves me.. i mean she love her fan here in Malaysia (so i felt dat way!! haha.. i got you guys!!) this been taped for a small footage about the connection between Malaysia and Sweden!! (yearghh!! we love swedish metal!!! woarrrrrr!!)

and she hope that she'll be here in 2011!!! what? are u kidding me Angela?? i'm so horny now babe!!!
i was shocked!! and i was fainted (haha..this is part which to extend my writings..lol!poyo je kan?)
okay, cukuplah..enough, just enjoy this vids (click the link) and spread diz!!! let make it happen! 2011 gonna be metal's mayhem all over this year guys!!

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p/s- my first orgasm for Arch Enemy was the songs called Ravenous!! Enjoy this video guys!!


  1. I think they'll come. But Unsure when, exactly.

  2. stumbled on your blog while i was searchign for arch enemy ticket prices in malaysia. I love your blog and the photos you take of the local scene are excellent. Really captures the vibe. Arch Enemy April 24th. Cant fukin wait!!!

  3. Hey ben, thanx man.. i've already talked to my best mate about this.. i wish we'll meet up there kawan.. 24th april..roarrrr!!! \m/