Monday, March 19, 2012

Future Music Festival Asia : Finally is here, Live in KL !

KlThugs : background - Flo Rida
 Finally, The Future Music Festival Asia is here.. Massive Crowds, Massive Shows. As i reached there with Nikki, there's a kid who gave us their tickets because they got emergency to leave the events before the event starts. Gosh, i was lucky enough to sold 'em to the turkish group which got a fake ticket. I wish to call up my friends but hey, they pay me for MYR 50 for the tickets, sorry guys.. maybe next time :)

Actually we're late.. but hence still we manage to watch Flo Rida performance right after we enter the venue. It was freakin hot and for sure i was sweating all over.. And yes, i was at the front while this Mr Beefy wasshook my hand joining the crowd !

Moments before Flo shook off his shirt

Yaa.. shook it off Flo!!

Yes, drink more water Flo Rida!

Hence, I manage to capture Flo Rida up-close when he was the middle of the crowd! Hell yeah!

 Next, straight to the Flamingo Stage baby, poppin with legendary Grandmaster Flash! G is in the house yaww

After G, I bumped to January's FHM cover Girl - Ruby Rose baby! 

I found lot's of great Dj playing everywhere. Then we bumped into Eddie Halliwell. He play the same tracks on podcast. Eddie Halliwell was phenomenal. :)

 Okay, next is Sneaky Sound System baby.. Mitchell was freaking hot chic, gorgeousonomuos ( idonthaveanyideawhatisthislol) voice.. very trancing tho!

Then here it goes~~~ the boys from london CHASE AND STATUS!! Woohoo!! Dubstep baby!

here's our dinner! the japanese hotdog!
 Oh yeah, this any of you fan of indonesian sinetron? ehehe.. i strike this pose for ladies out there.. cheesy meesy! gaaaa... (fuck yeah, i got my sunburn on my fishing trip to kuala lukut last week. That's why macam taik cicak) yes i bumped on Christian Sugiono a.k.a Evan laki Nia Ramadhani..dalam Alisa..hahaha..
KLTHUGS pawnd Christian Sugiono


Tinie Tempah
Okay: here's the highlight: The Chemical Brothers... Insanely insane!! I couldnt make a great shot because the camera asked to change the battery pack.. fffuuuuuu! Thanx for reading thuggers!!

the chemical brothers's set

this is my best shot for The Chemical Brothers
KLThugs: Eargasssmmmmm tho!


  1. you there? yes it was Massive!! great times brah!! - Rasztamanz

  2. Hey! U got picture with Ruby Rose!! Shit!! Regards from Australia

  3. the chemical brothers make me crazy!!!BENANG